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Andlits-olíurnar frá InglotLab eru lentar á Íslandi !

Posted on 13 December 2017

Andlits-olíurnar frá InglotLab eru lentar á Íslandi !

Nú höfum við fengið aðra vöru til okkar í verslunina Inglot kringlunni frá InglotLab ! Þær hafa svo sannarlega vakið athygli margra og eru þær frábær viðbót við InglotLab vörulínuna! Andlitsolíurnar hafa allar þann eiginleika að næra og gefa húðinni raka, minnka svitaholur ásamt því að mýkja hrukkur. Olíurnar komu í þremur mismunandi týpum : Dream Drop, Spotlight Drop og 

Sunrise Drop.

Dream Drop Face Oil
Pursuing your dream of perfectly smooth skin with optically reduced wrinkles will be easier with Dream Drop Face Oil. Vitamin C enriches the product with its beneficial properties. The feeling of illuminated and brightened skin is here for you as well.

Spotlight Drop Face Oil

City life and pollution can have a negative influence on your skin, but now thanks to Spotlight  Drop Face Oil, this can be rectified. The special formula includes argan oil and apricot kernel oil to enrich your skin with their powerful properties. Being a natural barrier against external factors such as weather conditions, this product firms top layer of your skin.

Sunrise Drop Face Oil
Focusing on hydration, this carefully chosen combination of oils is the guard of your skin, protecting it from the excessive moisture loss. The inclusion of jojoba oil visually diminishes the signs of sebum secretion, while the presence of fruit oils such as cherry kernel and alpine apple leaves your skin silky soft and smooth throughout the day.  

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